Communities Live! 27-08-2010 at 12:00

Aug 27, 2010 by SheffieldLive!

1. Local and national news with Carlotta Calderon
2. International news and sports news with Nick Mosley
3. In Darnall: The country’s first charity-owned post office.
A year after the closure of the local post-office, Darnall Forum revived it as a social enterprise. Rob Russell from the Darnall Forum speaks with Nick Mosley
4. City-wide: All you need to know about spectative theatre & applied theatre techniques, “creative sparks” trails for children, youth theatre and other projects run by Dead Earnest Theatre.
Emma Wass talks with Stacey Sampson, who is a project worker at the theatre company.
5. Events in Sheffield.
6. Carlotta Calderon reviews “The heart of darkness”. Written by Joseph Conrad, this novel reveals the corruption of the human soul while it recounts the horrors which took place in Congo during its colonization by Belgium.
5. Public appeal: SheffieldLive presenter Mildred Opkara needs our support against the threat of deportation.

Presenter: Amna Kaleem

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