A contemporary People's Charter

Jul 15, 2010 by presenter

Trade unionist Pat Sikorski explains to Erini Apostolidou how the huge bank bail-outs and the austerity measures sparked off a movement of opposition. Unionists from around the UK, inspired by the Chartists of the 1800s, got together to draft a new People’s Charter aiming for a fairer deal for ordinary working people.

Key points of the People’s Charter: take into public ownership the leading banks, insurance companies and mortgage industry. Ban hedge funds. Better jobs. Decent homes for all. Protection of all public services. Stop wasting money on the regeneration of nuclear weapons. Bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  1. DJ Deep says:

    Where's the second hour of Soul Purpose's show dated 25.09.10 please?
    I want to listen to it.


  2. lucy says:

    Wish we could have some similar socio-economic discussions in Athens too!

    Congratulations for this important interview to both reporter for well chosen questions and to unionist for real answers in every day, understable English (and not in "wooden" union jargon) without raising tones. If English people could reach agreement for a Charter, why Greeks would not try to achieve one too?

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