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Jun 29, 2010 by SheffieldLive!

The biggest casualty of the recent budget in Sheffield has been the cancellation of the £80million loan to the city’s steel manufacturer Forgemasters. The loan was approved in March when the Labour government’s business secretary Peter Mandelson came down to the city of steel and made the announcement.

The loan was to be spent on constructing a 15,000 tonne forging press to make components for nuclear reactors. This plan would have created around400 jobs in the city. Once completed, the forging press, was expected to attract international business as the demand for heavy nuclear forgings is estimated to triple by 2020, up to 70,000 tonnes. There are currently five companies, capable of producing large nuclear components, and only one possessing a forging press as large as the one planned for Sheffield.

This podcast takes a look at how the city responded to the decision, featuring interviews with the city’s Labour MPs, Leader of the City Council, Lib Dem Councillor Paul Scriven, Doug Patterson, Unite’s regional representatives and locals who signed the petition asking the government to rethink its decision.

  • The podcast was aired on Sheffield Live! 93.2FM on Wednesday, June 23,2010.

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