GondwanaSound with Pacific Curls

Mar 31, 2011 by presenter

Pacific Curls comprise a Scot, a Maori and a Pacific Islander. They’ve played the Winter Olympics at Vancouver, the tropical paradise of New Caledonia and the harsher concrete environment in urban South Korea. With knockout tours of Canada and endless tours in Australia and New Zealand the trio have built up a considerable fan base.

Mesmerised and enchanted by their blend of traditional Celtic and Pacific traditions, Jill Turner caught up with two of the trio after they put in a spellbinding set at the Musicport festival.

Lissten to Sarah Beattie and Ora Barlow talk about their illustrious past, their plans for the future, their inspirations and their love of traditional instuments of the Maori people, the Pacific Islanders and
Scotland ….emphasised with Sarah’s mobile phone ring tone…

In between the chat you can hear tracks from their last album Pacifi Celta. They have subsequently released a new album, Te Kora, which they will be showcasing at WOMAD UK and the Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuching, Sarawak, in July 2011.


Download MP3 (77 MB | 33:35 min)

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