By Amna Kaleem

Nick Clegg is received by Paul Scriven and angry protestors as he arrives at the Town Hall

Nick Clegg is received by Paul Scriven and angry protesters as he arrives at the Town Hall


Nick Clegg’s latest visit to Sheffield attracted the kind of attention politicians shy away from.

On September 3, trade unionists and campaigners gathered outside the Town Hall to protest public spending cuts and remind Clegg of the promises he had made before the general elections. The protest was organised to coincide with the launching ceremony of Opportunity Sheffield, where Nick Clegg was the guest speaker.

On his arrival at the Town Hall, Clegg was greeted with the chants of ‘Judas’, a reception quite different from the one he got at Barker’s Pool just a few months back.

Speaking to Sheffield Live! the Hallam MP answered questions about Forgemasters loan, his constituency home and the charge that he has betrayed Sheffield.

Video: Angry protestors welcome Nick Clegg

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Mark Jones November 3, 2010

Sounds as though there are about three people there… is this really news?

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